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Janus Descending

May 27, 2022

Back on Earth, the first scent of blood… and the hunt begins…


In this episode of Descendants

Axel Crichton - Zach Libresco

Damien Wilde - James Oliva

Captain Rori Cassini - Julia Schifini

Andrea - Nadine El Amami

Peter - A. R. Olivieri

Chel - Jordan Cobb

Written, Directed & Produced by Jordan Cobb

Sound Design by Julia Schifini

with Dialogue Editing, Mixing & Mastering by Marisa Ewing and Hemlock Creek Productions

Score by Daryl Banner

Cover Art by Jordan Cobb


Descendants is a No Such Thing Production. To donate, read transcripts, or find out more about us, visit or

Content Warning: Descendants is a science fiction adventure thriller with elements of horror, aimed at a mature audience, and as such, may contain material that is upsetting or triggering for certain people. Listener discretion is advised.