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Janus Descending

Apr 6, 2021

Something's coming over the horizon. And everything is about to change. This year.


Written, Directed and Produced by Jordan Cobb

Sound Design by Julia Schifini

Score by Daryl Banner


Descendants is a No Such Thing Production. To donate, explore our other shows, or find out more about us, visit nosuchthingradio. com...

Oct 31, 2020

Off the silent shores of Coney Island, something is stirring...

Primordial Deep is now streaming...


In this episode of Primordial Deep:

Jes Washington is Rowan Gilroy

Zach Valenti is Clay Radcliff

Bob Raymonda is Adam Harkin

Maddy Searle is Cop 1

Sam Nguyen is Cop 2, The Syndicate Agent

and introducing Kevin K. Gomez...

Oct 4, 2020

From the creators of Janus Descending... This Halloween, take the plunge into the all new world of Primordial Deep...


In the mini-episode "The Call":

Dr. Marella Morgan - Jordan Cobb

Kiran Flint - Kevin K. Gomez

Written, Directed and Produced by Jordan Cobb

Sound Design by Julia Schifini

Composition by Daryl...

Apr 28, 2019

ONCE UPON A PODCAST is a live showcase of enchanting audio fiction. The Far Meridian follows an agoraphobic young woman whose home shows up in a new location every day, spurring a search for her missing brother. In Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services, a young witch struggles to provide healing services for the...

Mar 17, 2019

We’re going to have a live show! And we’re not the only ones...


AudioFiction Femmes present... Once Upon a Podcast! At Dixon Place. April 5th, 10pm


A podcasting panel! At BGSQD Bookstore. April 6th, 7pm


Tickets are on sale now! Get yours...